Carly Fratianne has lived beyond her years.

After a three-year long solo endeavor on the west coast where she released her first self-produced EP help., the summer of 2015 found the 21-year-old stumbling wearily home to the embrace of the Columbus music scene, where she immediately began writing for a second solo album. 

As her project was nearing its completion in the early weeks of 2016, a chance encounter brought Carly together with drummer Jack Lynch and guitarist Ted Langhorst of Wolfman and The Airship Captain, and bassist Alex Randall of Chinese School.

In an evening, Souther was born.

With a breadth of songs spanning from soulful R&B to gritty garage rock, the four tasked themselves with breathing new life into Fratianne's arrangements, establishing an urgent and compelling sound tinted with a warm, patient sincerity.

It was mere weeks later that the group recorded their self-produced debut EP Scenes, which is a collection of songs defined by the powerful, blues-inspired grit, driving rhythms and Fratianne's evocative, tactile singing.

Delivered with striking conviction, her lyrics bow to the weight of her experience.

For Carly, music has always been both cause and effect, carrying her ever deeper into the danger from which it's never faltered as refuge.